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Yakitate!! Japan Vol.1 Manga

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Yakitate!! Japan Vol.1 Manga


Stok Durumu : Stokta yok

Vergi Hariç : 9,99 TL KDV Dahil: 10,79 TL
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Kazuma Azuma is an enthusiastic, slightly gullible young baker who dreams of creating Ja-pan: a nationally recognized bread of Japan equal to the great breads of Germany, France and other countries. Aiding Kazuma in his baking quest are his legendary "Hands of the Sun," exceptionally warm hands that speed the fermentation of yeast. For years Kazuma works to bake Ja-pan, mastering 56 different styles before traveling to Tokyo in hopes of furthering his studies at the famous bakery chain Pantasia. But before he is guaranteed employment at Pantasia, Kazuma must submit to a rigorous employment exam. He faces both the cunning Kyousuke Kawachi, who seeks to knock him out of the running, and Tsukino Azusagawa, a mysterious young woman with a vested interest in seeing him advance. The three soon find their lives are hopelessly intertwined, and together they struggle to make their marks in the world of dough. Indeed, all of Hashiguchi's characters are a clever mix of fierce pride and youthful optimism. He chooses to play it safe with his art, using a style very typical of manga, yet the book's whimsical nature shines through. Fans of the over the top Iron Wok Jan will enjoy this shonen manga of competitive baking. (Sept.)

Product Description
Azuma Kazuma, an energetic and dense young man, was introduced to the art of bread making when he was six. He decides to take the path of bread-making and become a baker right after graduating from middle school. Through his travels, he encounters many rivals and found work at the branch store of the most famous bread maker brand, the Phantasia.

Ek Bilgi

Manga (Çizgi Roman) Serisi Yakitate!! Japan
ISBN 1421507196
Yayıncı Viz
Orjinal Yayıncı Shogakukan
Dil İngilizce
Yazar Takashi Hashiguchi
Sayfa Sayısı 208
Ürün Boyutları 7.4 x 5 x 0.7 inches
Okunuş Şekli Sağdan Sola