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Air Gear Manga Japon Çizgi Roman 1

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Air Gear 01 Manga

Air Gear 01 Manga

Stok Durumu : Stokta yok

Vergi Hariç : 10,95 TL KDV Dahil: 11,83 TL
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Grade 10 Up–Itsuki is a 13-year-old inline skater who has been informally adopted by the Noyamano family. After a vicious beating and sexual assault by the Westside skate gang, the Skull Saders, he discovers that his adopted sisters are all members of the infamous and mysterious gang of riders, the Sleeping Forest. He further learns that there is an entire secret, multilayered world of skate culture that he is only beginning to understand. Combat scenes lack definition and clarity, as such flair seems to be reserved for a series of stunning set pieces showcasing the spectacle of speed and flight that the riders can achieve. Itsuki is presented both as a screwup and a success, which is a difficult dynamic to pull off, making his character inconsistent and tough to empathize with. This is compounded by the uncomfortable sexual crudity that permeates the dialogue and circumstances: statutory rape is one of the punishments levied when Itsuki loses a match. A number of Internet fans have reacted with glee that Ballantine is publishing the book, but purchasers should be aware of some of the dubious cultural content.–Benjamin Russell, The Derryfield School, Manchester, NH

Ek Bilgi

Manga (Çizgi Roman) Serisi Air Gear
ISBN 9780345492784
Yayıncı Del Rey
Orjinal Yayıncı Kodansha
Dil İngilizce
Yazar Oh! great
Sayfa Sayısı 224
Ürün Boyutları 7.5 x 5 x 0.8 inches
Okunuş Şekli Sağdan Sola